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Recover From A Back Injury And Ease Pain During The Healing Process

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If you have been working in a factory for several years and injured your back due to lifting heavy machinery without the support of a back brace, you may be concerned about limited mobility or the prospect of not being able to complete job duties in a normal manner. If your orthopedist has suggested that you take it easy for a while and be placed on light duty in the workplace until your back heals, the following suggestions will aid in your recovery and will help ease pain that you incur during the healing process.

Avoid Tight Clothing And Utilize Back Support

Avoid wearing clothing that is tight and that could place strain on your back and cause additional pain. Instead, wear clothing that is made out of lightweight fabrics and that is cut a little bit larger than the size you normally wear.

If your orthopedist has recommended that you wear a device that is designed to provide back support, put the garment on underneath your clothing each day. A back support device will assist with keeping your back aligned the correct way and will prevent you from twisting your back in an awkward manner while you are walking, sitting, or bending over.

Rest Regularly And Supply Your Body With Nutrients

Make sure that you receive plenty of rest each day so that you do not become rundown and feel worse than you do already. If you tend to be a night owl and often find it difficult to fall asleep at night, practice bedtime rituals that will assist with helping you ease yourself into bed. For instance, drink a cup of soothing tea or take a hot shower right before you are ready to turn in for the  night.

If a new routine does not seem to be working, purchase an over the counter sleep aid to help you fall asleep. Eat a healthy diet that includes vegetables, fruits, and lean meat so that your body receives plenty of nutrients that will help your back heal. 

Meet With A Physical Therapist And Exercise

As your back heals, you will need to meet with your orthopedist again so that they can determine how much improvement has been made. If your orthopedist is concerned about limited mobility or lack of muscle tone in your back, they may suggest that you meet with a physical therapist.

A physical therapist will recommend spinal care exercises that will help strengthen your back muscles and that will naturally reduce discomfort. Practice each exercise at your own pace and stay in touch with your therapist so that they can check the progress that you are making and modify any of the exercises if necessary.