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Things You Need To Consider When Dealing With Joint Replacement Surgery

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Having a joint replaced is a major surgery that can take a lot of time to recover from. Often the original joint is completely removed and replaced with a stainless steel joint that will do the job of the original joint. Still, there are some things you need to consider and may want to talk with your doctor about before electing for the surgery.

Surgery And Hospitalization

When you consider having hip replacement surgery, it is crucial that you take the time you will need to stay in the hospital after the procedure. Most joint replacements will require you to remain in the hospital for about ten days after the surgery and then spend six or more weeks in rehab to build the strength up in the new joint. 

Some facilities will want you to stay longer, but your doctor will monitor your recovery and let you know how long they feel you need to remain in rehabilitation. The surgery can leave you sore and weak, so it is crucial that you not try and push your recovery too hard, or you could injury yourself and ultimately need to remain in the hospital or rehab longer. 

Home Care

You may need to have some help at home once you leave the rehabilitation center for a few weeks, but it will depend on your surgery and the amount of work the surgeon had to do to replace the damaged joint. In many cases, a complete hip replacement surgery will take longer to recover from than a surgery that only involves some repair to the existing joint. 

If you have family that can help you at home, let them know how they can help with your recovery and care. If you do not have family around, a CNA or home health nurse may be necessary. In some situations, you may need one that can stay with you twenty-four hours a day for a while to ensure that you have help overnight if you need it. 

Mobility Assistance

You may need assistance getting around the house for a few weeks after a hip replacement surgery, so renting a walker from a medical equipment company can be a good option. A walker that will help you balance and move can be helpful, and the doctor or physical therapy that is treating you can suggest one that is right for your needs. 

Your insurance company should cover the cost of the walker if your doctor orders it for you. The medical supply company can bill them directly and deliver the equipment to your home so that you do not need to try and get there to pick it up. If you have more questions regarding hip replacement surgery, contact an orthopedist.