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How High Cholesterol Impacts Your Rotator Cuff Surgery

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You probably already know that having high cholesterol can drastically increase your risk of heart disease. But you likely didn’t realize that if you need a rotator cuff surgery, it’s more likely to fail if you have abnormally high cholesterol. Read on to learn everything you need to know.  Cholesterol 101 You need some cholesterol, a waxy substance, in your body – it’s important to build cell walls and create certain hormones. Read More»

Recover From A Back Injury And Ease Pain During The Healing Process

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If you have been working in a factory for several years and injured your back due to lifting heavy machinery without the support of a back brace, you may be concerned about limited mobility or the prospect of not being able to complete job duties in a normal manner. If your orthopedist has suggested that you take it easy for a while and be placed on light duty in the workplace until your back heals, the following suggestions will aid in your recovery and will help ease pain that you incur during the healing process. Read More»

3 Tips To Prepare For Your Sports Physical

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If you are planning on joining a sports team, you might be required to have a sports physical done so that you can ensure that you are in good enough physical health so you can participate. If you have been injured in the past due to a sports-related injury, you may also need to schedule a sports physical so that you can get checked out to ensure that you are healing properly. Read More»