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Baseball Pitching Injuries Of The Shoulder: Conservative Treatment Options

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Pitchers are susceptible to shoulder injuries and because of this, it is essential that they warm-up prior to a baseball game to help lower the risk. Warm-up exercises that involve stretching can help promote optimal circulation to the muscles and tendons while helping to enhance strength and range of motion. While surgical intervention may be necessary to repair some pitching injuries, the following conservative treatment options may be very effective in managing your symptoms. Read More»

3 Improvements To Expect From New Prosthetics Services

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Prostheses can dramatically improve the lives of individuals who have missing limbs. There are different types, and an evaluation needs to be performed to determine the best option. Individuals can expect their artificial limbs to last a long time. There might be a learning curve involved and fitting adjustments. However, these are usually minor when they occur. Technological advancements continue to be made. These advancements improve the functionalities of prostheses and offer a promising future full of possibilities for individuals who need them. Read More»