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Golf Injuries: Common Causes Of Wrist Pain And Injury

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For those who play golf on a regular basis, pain in the wrist can be common. Wrist-related injuries can occur often as a result of overuse, trauma, or poor mechanics. Determining the proper course of treatment will greatly depend on the cause of the pain. Therefore, your first goal is to determine the cause of your wrist pain. Keep reading to learn a few of the most common causes of wrist pain and injuries in golf players.


The majority of golf injuries are due to overuse, particularly in recreational golfers who enjoy playing on the weekends and not so much throughout the week. In addition, individuals who are attempting to improve their game on the green tend to hit bucks and bucks of balls without taking a break, which can lead to a serious injury.

Hitting Surface

The surface that you hit off of can have an impact on your injury risk. For instance, when compared to natural grass, mats can cause a larger force of shock on your body with each swing. This is particularly true when you're using an iron, which is designed to hit with a descending blow past the ball's impact. If you are going to be using a mat, make sure to avoid striking too many iron shots. Fairway woods, hybrids, and long irons are generally struck with a sweeping arc and safer to use when hitting off of a mat.

Rocks, Roots, and Roughs

A number of sudden golf-related wrist injuries can occur due to clubs going upwards of close to 100 miles per hour and then quickly decelerating as a result of hitting a rock or root or out of a deep rough prior to or following the golf ball. Some of these injuries can be tendonitis and TFCC tears. Before hitting the ball, check its surroundings to ensure that your swing path is clear.

Poor Swing Technique

Some injuries take place due to poor swinging technique like gripping the golf club too tightly. To ensure that you are holding the golf club and swinging properly, you should work with a professional instructor.

Prior Injury

Individuals who have sustained a previous injury to the forearm or wrist previously will be more prone to sustaining another injury down the road. If you have suffered an injury, it is imperative that you do not return to the greens until you have fully healed. Otherwise, you are at risk for a prolonged injury that could lead to permanent damage.

If you have any kind of pain in the wrist or forearm, you can try to alleviate the discomfort with ice and rest. If the pain continues or worsens, contact a sports medicine doctor to schedule an exam.