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How Elbow Tendon Issues Affect Your Participation In Sports And Your Life

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Dealing with elbow discomfort can disrupt your everyday routine and sporting endeavors. Elbow tendon problems aren't picky — they affect athletes and regular folks alike. This article will break down the basics of elbow tendon problems. Keep reading to learn more about its impact on sports and day-to-day life so you will have some actionable steps to find relief.

Understanding Elbow Tendon Issues

Elbow tendon issues tend to happen when you do the same movements over and over again. Repetitive movements strain the tendons that link your muscles to your bones. Two names that you might also come across are tennis elbow and golfer's elbow. Despite the sports-oriented labels, these problems aren't exclusive to sports enthusiasts.

Feeling the Impact When Playing Sports

One example is when you want to perfect your golf swing, there's a nagging pain on the inner side of your elbow. Or you're playing a spirited game of tennis, yet your outer elbow aches with every hit. Athletes dealing with elbow tendon problems know it's tough to perform at your best when discomfort's on the field with you.

Making It Through Daily Life

It's not just the athletes who feel the pinch. Lifting grocery bags or typing on your computer are tasks that seem simple until your elbow starts acting up. Even shaking hands or opening jars can become mini battles. Elbow tendon problems aren't just a game-day challenge; they can make everyday activities a bit of a struggle too.

Finding a Path to Relief

Start by giving your elbow a break and staying away from those repetitive motions for a bit. A touch of ice can help calm down any swelling. And don't underestimate the power of simple exercises, like extending your wrist with lightweight objects. These moves can shore up the muscles around your elbow and help your tendons.

Getting Expert Help

If the discomfort hangs around longer than you'd like, seek professional advice. An orthopedic specialist can nail down exactly what's going on and devise a treatment plan. An orthopedist may prescribe some physical therapy to bring back your flexibility and strength. Or, you may need to wear a brace to provide a little extra support when you're in action.

Elbow tendon problems might hinder your usual activities, but they don't have to sideline you for good. Taking steps to address the discomfort and speaking to an orthopedist can help you recover. 

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